Wednesday, July 19
Brownie Points
My husband noticed that one of my very colorful handmade bracelets (see #9) was no longer on my wrist the day after it was no longer on my wrist. Heck, I didn't even notice it wasn't there until I saw it on the floor. A bit sad and trying to figure out how to re-tie the durn thing....

This is why I could never be the type of wife who buys things and hides them in the closet. He sees all new things. I wish I was this observant. I'm not...he is. So I don't try.

Then again, the above sentence was talking about, the bargain crap--THAT, I can hide (I mean save until I need it) (how the heck do you write the words with a line through 'em??? Whoever tells me first wins a prize!)


  Into the pensieve on Wednesday, July 19, 2006
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At July 20, 2006, Blogger Wendy aka Cheeky said...

the line through the words is an editing feature with blogger......IM me if you can't figure it out.

As far as the observant hubby - just be glad he pays attention, nothing sucks butt worse than a man that never notices the little things you do for him.

At October 12, 2006, Blogger Malissa said...

oh, I remember wanting to know this and you showed me! I rarely use it but it's nice to have the knowledge stored away huh?:)


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