Saturday, August 19
Snakes on a Plane
I admit the impossibility of passing a trainwreck without Gumby-like rubbernecking, I am drawn inexplicably to this decidedly kitschy B-rated movie. I don't like horror flicks, not since my high school slasher days (now remind me, why did I watch them then?).

But this one seems s p e c i a l. Perhaps because of all the hype. Perhaps because bloggers have basically re-written the script and I have an affinity for bloggers. Definitely not because I have an affinity for snakes!

Here's a look-see for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about:

OFFICIAL WEBSITE :) the Active X coming up twice every time I moved from one screen to the next was getting on my last nerve. If you have any interest in looking further, go to their site & check it out. SSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss;)

  Into the pensieve on Saturday, August 19, 2006
  Your thoughts, please (3)

At August 19, 2006, Blogger Karmyn R said...

All I can say is "CHEEEEEESSE" and "Fodwox"

At August 19, 2006, Blogger Debs said...

Fodwox *LOL* YES that is the word ;)

At August 20, 2006, Blogger Pamela said...

I'm not home.. but the compouter I'm reading from apparently has pop ups blocked so your pictures didn't appear.

So I went out the web site (SOAP is the acronym.... for the movie)

That is bizarre that they added dialogue because of bloggers.

word verification: urbumplm

"your bum is shaped like a plum"

You're lucky Robin. Mine used to be... now it's plum puddin'


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