Wednesday, October 18
It's about time.......!
Before I announce "My Favorite Comment of the Week", I thought I'd share a few others that tickled my fancy. I will do this, so as not to bore you with the minutia of my life that has prevented me from posting the results before now. Suffice it to say, "postal" doesn't come close to where I've "been" the past 48 hours....

Favorite Comments Regarding My Contest Idea

This ladies and gentlemen is creative (albeit a little narcissistic) genius at work!!! I am impressed. Sheerly overwhelmed by your level of commitment to "pimpin'" out your site. Way to go! This is definately one of those: oooh, I wish i'd-a thought of that! ~ Stacy (First-time visitor, not sure how she found me :) ).

Holy Crapoli! This is a brilliant, truly inspired piece of blog pimping! "I doffs me hat to yer." I think I might have a go at a couple of these. ~ Willowtree (although he didn't really play along, I woulda loved to have given the Joy perfume to HDW)

Okay you shameless link-getter, I'm in. It may take me a WEEK to read all the instructions, though;) ~ Kelly (This chick is a fave of mine, she's done her share of "pimpin' my blog" when there wasn't a contest at stake. Looks like her week kept her too busy to finish those instructions ;)...and for the record, Kelly, even I had to go back and read what I said 'cause I didn't remember what the contest categories were.)

I am all about shameless attempts at drawing Blog traffic! Anyone reading this... If you would like to see Naked Pictures of Me please head on over to my blog. Check the archives.. they are there somewhere. Tell your friends to look too! ~ MJ (Kudos to Marnie for figuring out a way to pimp HER blog while I was pimping MINE! Quite scarily, it looks like Willowtree was quite literal about naked pictures, one of the few things I've seen since returning home...)

Sad Lame Laughable Attempts(?) at Guessing Where I Was and What I Was Doing

You are taking some "Ice-skating, Flamenco Dancing, and Archery lessons at some New-Age Coffee Barista Camp for Grown-Ups"???? ~ Karmyn

You're on a photo shoot in Malta. Your job isn't to photograph uber-thin models but to provide them with iced bottles of Evian. With straw. Ever time a model trembles as if she's going to faint from starvation, you're to grab a bottle of Evian, squeeze precisely one quarter of a lemon into it, insert straw and hold bottle and straw to model's artificially plumped lips. ~ Sally (sent by MJ and I can't wait to read her based on this comment alone :) ).

You're at Target and said you were hungry and a Target lady brought you a hot dog. ~ Kelly again

My guess is you went to Sea World in San Diego..Is there a Sea World in San Diego? ~ C (do you have a blog???)

Traveling with a belly-dancing troupe ~ LCO

Your family went to a church-wide family camp somewhere in the mountains where you got to learn archery, the Bunny Hop, and roller skate. The snack bar served RC Cola and Moon Pies or Peanut Clusters, whichever you prefer. (Mah Grammy's frum Memphis, yeah) Hmmmm..."small world after all"? Did you meet up with some old friends at the late night sock hop? ~ Erin

Just Plain Random

My easily distracted mind was a littled scared to read that "Joy Eau de Toilette" probably smells divine. My juvenile self read it "Joy Eww de Toilet" - and wondered just how divine does that ewwy toilet joy smell? :-p ~ Piper

Little known fact...Carmen SanDiego is actually Carmen Mirandas cousin..she hit the road and travelled through Cuba, then to Panama...she bought a hat there that became the rage wherever she went. She soon had to start disguising herself with rather large sunglasses as she continued through Venezuela and Columbia. Eventually, she ended up in a little bar near Tijuana and started swimming with the dolphins (not wearing the hat mind you.) This too became a hit. Before long she was mobbed and had to run for the border! ~ C

Marnie told me to come here. Then she mentioned something about wanting to cut off some of my hair to smell it. At this point I'm really afraid not to do what she says. ~ Jenny

I'm like a cyber stalker I guess. Hope you know you asked for this ;) ~ Malissa


...Compassion answers when a need is announced, but Love looks for a need & meets it with no fanfare. ~ LCO

"Transparency" is not only important I believe it is sometimes the way God stretches you. Let me explain, when you are learning a new skill or a new way of doing things a person has several steps before they fully “learn”. First they are shaken up and told the old way is wrong, then they learn to accept the new way but struggle with the changes, and then finally after they have learned this new way of doing things they share it with others. In doing so, this new skill is made more concrete. Many times while sharing my testimony God speaks to me in news ways, I see things in a new light. I am being transparent when I share my testimony, it is vulnerable for me. I don’t want people to know how much I messed up, let alone stand in front of a room and broadcast it to everyone. Many times while you are hearing yourself speak (through your transparency) you are not only affecting the people you are speaking to but the Lord ministers to you. By doing this, being transparent you are settling any question or doubt you have in your mind about you new life. It is made more concrete, you are telling Satan get behind thee because “with this” you can not win. ~ lrlwreath


1st Runner-up:
Actually, I didn't plan on a first runner up...I gotta come up with a prize for this. These last two comments...hit me as "the ones"..and the winner edged out Catez because of her long-time, consistent readership.
I really enjoy reading Catez, though, a deep, thoughtful read,
so check her out if you haven't before.

Catez at AllThings2All posted to
"Sometimes There Are No Answers", September '05

Well I'm glad I came back into your archives to read this. It has made me think of different situations where I have felt lost for words (a rare thing some would say). I remember when I was going through a very difficult time some years ago and I read Socrates Apology. So here's Socrates, about to be executed by being forced to drink hemlock, and he is still talking, still hoping, still challenging people to look for the better things in life. It wasn't what he said but the fact that he was saying it under those circumstances that inspired and encouraged me. Not what I would have expected to be helpful - but it was. I have a fondness for Socrates now - even though I couldn't quote you a sentence from memory.Sometimes I want to advise and I don't have the advice. But I have learned about being there. I have learned because others did it for me. Just sitting with some-one in silence can be so much better than a thousand words sometimes. Together in his presence. What I have often appreciated too is when I know some-one wants to help. It isn't what they say but the fact that they are thoughtful enough to try. Because knowing what to say in times of grief can be difficult. Great post Robin. Blogging can become so much about the latest post, and yet there is so much in a persons archives that is valuable.

If y'all recall, this award goes to the person who brought me the most "joy", and since I read like 400 comments, do you blame me for one that blows so much air up my skirt? Plus, now I know why I was "prevented" from posting until's Karmyn's her mother Pamela's birthday!:) We found each other right after I went "public" with my blog and have been keeping each other company ever since.

Karmyn at Dreaming What Ifs
posted to "Who's Your Katrina", also a 9/05 post.

This post pretty much sums up what I LOVE about you, Robin! Obviously - you have a generous spirit, you find good messages in the worst situations, your relationship with God humbles you yet gives you strength, AND you aren't afraid to voice your opinion or show us your weaknesses. All of that combined makes you AWESOME!!

Ok, guys, LONG post, imagine what it was like to write the durn thing. Thanks to all who played along, I loved reading every comment :).

To those of you who won, be sure to email me (check out my profile page for the e-dress) with your addresses so I can get your prizes in the mail.

  Into the pensieve on Wednesday, October 18, 2006
  Your thoughts, please (14)

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Karmyn R said...

WOOHOO!!! I won perfume - and just by telling the truth! WOOHOO...

OH - and it isn't MY birthday - It's my MAMA's birthday!!!! (I'll go make that a little more clear on my post.)

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Claudia said...

Hi Robin,
in response to your question, yes, I did post as C for a long time...but there is another C out there and I was getting confused myself, so I switched back to my own name...if the C doesn't link it may also be because I also switched to beta!! I hope you enjoyed the Carmen SanDiego story...nobody can claim I have no imagination!

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Robin said...

You know, Karmyn, that's how I read it first, but then I thought it must be you...oh, well, thanks for clearing things up (so I can tell Pamela:) ). And if you don't like Joy, re-gift it to her (she'll never know) or sell it on E-bay and splurge on something yourself:).

Claudia, so are the "C's" I linked to you or the other C? I'm still confused, lol.

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Claudia said...

The other C has an avatar of the martini glass. I had the Carmen SanDiego's bio and then the ...don't ask I just ran with it. the other c's blog is called c-writing...and you would probably be able to link to hers...not sure if she left a comment or not. However...from now on, this confusion should be alleviated!!

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Robin said...

Thanks, C(utie) ;).

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Swampwitch said...

Aw, I'm disappointed. I thought I did a great job of pimping blogs.
Swampwitch lying down throwing temper tantrum.

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Karmyn R said...

I would like to say that I am glad I won - but I was sure my comment:

"Chocolate? You Rock"

would be the winner. And yes - I kept getting C and C mixed up and having to always look at the profile to figure out who they were. I'm personally glad that Claudia changed her name!!!!

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Susan in va said...

Congratulations Karmyn! I was having too much fun reading all of the comments to actually enter the contest myself. And Karmyn - you weren't the only one getting C and C mixed up!

At October 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couple of comments:

1. This is Marnie (MJ).
2. Blogger sucks.
3. I'm sorry for Willowtree's ass... if I knew that was what would happen I wouldn't have said a thing about naked pics. (Which are really HOT people... if you haven't checked them out already!)
4. You are welcome for Sally's referral. She rocks.
5. Thank YOU for all the referrals. Apparently a bunch of perves read your blog...

At October 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Golly! Thanks for the mentions! I was feeling really lame for having let you down on all the instruction-following, but it looks like some excellent readers got-er-done;)

And I'm jealous you spent a week at Disney (though I may have even been jealous if you'd spent the week at Target;))

At October 19, 2006, Blogger Pamela said...

As if I wouldn't know Robin!!!!!
Besides, I wear Baby Grace. I don't know where Karmyn gets it, but it smells so sweetly on me.

Congratulations on all your wonderful comments.

And thanks for the Big BD greeting. That pix proves that at one time "we were very young." sigh.

At October 19, 2006, Blogger willowtree said...

I left a comment on this post but as usual, blogger ate it! It was here this morning now its gone.

At October 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said... comment wasn't random.

It was a cry for help.

PS. This is Mama Drama Jenny but blogspot apparently disagrees.

At October 31, 2006, Blogger Catez said...

I saw this but the day I came over (because I finally got with bloglines so I can keep up with my favourite reads) Blogger was throwing a hissy fit. Sorry for the delay.

Wow - glad you appreciated my comment.

I will catch up on yur posts now.


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