Tuesday, October 17
NEVER....Say Never
If Blogger hadn't uploaded that image just now, I swear I would've gone postal.

At this minute, I am doing something I never thought I'd do in a million years.

I am blogging at a Krystal...and with one hand, flashing the "L" loser sign above my forehead...all the while, thanking God for Wi-Fi at fast food restaurants near my home. I am one of those people you've seen--and thought quite pathetic--before, wondering WHY they would have need to surf the net from a burger joint. Noooo, it can't be an ultra cool coffee shop because they're just too far away...it's Krystal. Their square green burgers scare me now, although as a child, they were my favorite, maybe because of their diminutive size or novel shape. I felt obligated to buy something, so I opted for a butter biscuit and Minute Made original. The lard is coating the roof of my mouth, the OJ helps cut the grease.

I wasn't able to connect from home this morning, we've had steady rain since yesterday afternoon and our server is down for some reason (not sure if there's a connection). Tad finds this amusing. I, as you might suspect, do not.

I'm NOT just here to blog; I'm actually working on a newsletter that needs to be started AND finished today, and there's some info I had to pick up from the net. I figured while I was here, I'd sneak in a post or two. And check emails and see if Pensieve was still operational. The beast must be fed, as you well know.

I can hear your haughty laughter. You're better than me, I sense your air of superiority. And I'm sure you'd NEVER be caught dead doing what I'm doing.

But you might just be caught alive ;).

  Into the pensieve on Tuesday, October 17, 2006
  Your thoughts, please (15)

At October 17, 2006, Blogger Heather said...

How can you live somewhere where there's not a Starbucks at every corner? I thought they had taken over the world.
What newsletter do you write?

At October 17, 2006, Blogger Holly Schwendiman said...

As one who is literally sending up prayers to heaven that her server doesn't crash this week during her first jolt - - I completely understand reaching the level of doing crazy things just for the blog and connection!

Holly's Corner

At October 17, 2006, Blogger Susan in va said...

Ahhhh...the Krystal Burger. I've heard my mom speak of them often. She's from Kingsport 10-A-C. We don't have that burger joint in Virginia (that I know of). I remember when I was a kid asking her "What is a Krystal Burger?" She promised to buy me one the next time we went to visit her siblings in TN. And that's just what we did. YUM!

At October 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Krystal as nasty as the greasy stuff from White Castles? We drove through MI once & my dh thought he needed to try this little gray slimy hamburger.
I would NEVER take my work to the Starbucks (there are 5 within walking distance of my house), but that's just because I don't do Starbucks, I'll go anywhere else to work. We have wireless available everywhere -- it's great. I've been known to pull stuff out to work on while waiting for our order to come at many other restaurants.

At October 17, 2006, Blogger Swampwitch said...

I've never heard of Krystal, but I've been known to smuggle my lap top past Hans into a restaurant that had wireless on our recent road trip. He was not amused once he found me under the table...not really, but in a corner booth.
Pictures not uploading? How do you think it feels for your blog to just go WHOOSH? GONE! No where to be found. Just a blank, white screen. And, I had just posted for our son-in-law in Iraq with pics of his little boy and wife. How does one spell:

At October 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe everone's hung up on Krystal!! I'm thinking.........you're supposed to be "working" yet you're so flippin' addicted to THE BLOG MONSTER you drive from your home, where you have no access, to a burger joint with your laptop in tow because.....you.... must... post (I'm picturing one of those "night of the living dead" guys)! Oh my word....what have you become? I guess "they" get it. Sadly, I do not. Love you!

At October 17, 2006, Blogger Karmyn R said...

Hee hee - is e-bay someone you know? Hmm....could it be your HUBBY??????

Okay - never heard of a Krystal, but I would be running to Burgerville for a chocolate hazelnut shake it the craving called. Oh - and um, yeah - our local Burger King just announced that they have free wireless internet (WIFI) WOOHOO! Now I just need to get me a laptop!

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Pamela said...

well... if I went to Burgerville to blog...
I'd have to supersize my lap top

(yumm... loves those chocolate hazelnut shakes. They're to wi-fi-die for)

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Sally said...

First of all... what's a Krystal? I've never heard of them.

Secondly, I have yet to blog in public. I just don't take my laptop anywhere yet and whenever I go run errands, I'm not usually taking time to sit down and relax with my computer.

But, that's not to say blogging in public is never in my future. I hope to do so some day and I'll do it proudly! Yes!

I like your blog!

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Robin said...

I am (sadly) realizing that there is no such thing as "catching up" on your blog. It is unrealistic to think I can read y'all's stuff for the past almost 2 weeks and have a life. Tears...


OK, I am going to reply to your comments instead of anything else, b/c I have not done that (hardly) for two weeks and it's killing me not to let you know I soooo appreciate your comments...even E-bay's, who once again, was totally dissin' me and my blogging b/c she JUST DOESN'T GET IT, but she gets me and loves me anyone and that's enough ;).

Heather ~ I live in the suburbs, totally insulated from "the real world" and driving 12 minutes to get to a Starbucks woulda taken 10 minutes too long ;). The newsletter I mentioned was for my kids' school.

Holly, YOU "get" it...and, it just got worse after I posted yesterday :(. I'll be over to visit your corner soon........just not as soon as I'd like.

Susan, isn't it funny? I don't even know where Kingsport is (we've been here 3+ years and have resisted learning ANYTHING about our new state...I guess we're more in a "state of denial" about living here than wanting to learn the terrain). If it's close to me, let's meet next time you're nearby :) :) :) I'LL BUY THE CARAMEL MACHIATTOS!

LCO~You need a blog, you'd be great at it :). I haven't had a Krystal burger in years for the reasons I've already mentioned...I think they're made from horse.

Swampy!!!! I wannna know about your trip...I bet you posted, but I haven't visited yet for the reasons I've already ranted about. Hopefully soon. Does your blog reappear after it disappears?? Did you recover your post :(? You woulda been fun to have around for my contest...maybe next time :).

E-BAY...FOR THE RECORD, I WROTE THE NEWSLETTER FIRST, AND EVEN PULLED UP THE INFO I NEEDED FOR IT FIRST WHEN I SIGNED ON AT KRYSTAL. Remind me to smack you when I see you (after a long and loving embrace :) ).

Karmyn, Tad doesn't read my stuff if it gets too long...he kind of glazes over, so if I want him to read, they gotta be short and sweet. I could really have some fun with that if I wanted ;). Me LOVE-Y my laptop...cept I keep forgetting about the battery duration...and now my router's disconnected, so I can't use it at home right now (in order to get online, I had to temporarily disable it...grrrrrrrr! :( ).

Pamela...I would never have gotten the butter biscuit otherwise :/...so it's best for me to blog from home!

Sally, so glad you found me! I'll be checking you out soon...you know why I haven't been over to visit so far :/. I'm not against blogging in public, but I felt pathetic at Krystal of all places...

At October 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, so last night, we're at the Red Robin (great burgers & fish) when my dh asks how the work is going -- we sat for 2 hours while I graded essays -- then he got to laugh at the amusing turn-of-phrase some of my students employ.
I told him about the Krystals & our White Castle journey and he reminded me of the time my dad made us eat White Castle & what was left over we had to eat for breakfast XP (that's disgust / also dying on floor laughing).
I thought WC was nasty "fresh" (if the word fresh can be applied to ****), but cold, the next morning *eww*
Horse meat? old, on it's way to the glue factory, horse!

At October 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have the sister to Krystal, White Castle, here in Indy. And I'd blog there. Heck, I'd blog anywhere I could get on the internet!!! I'm so glad Malissa referred me to your blog! :-)

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Susannah said...

If I had a laptop, I would blog at a restaurant too! We don't have Krystal up here. Love this www thing...if only to read about new fast food places! BTW, did you receive my e-mail? Maybe we lost "connection" the week you were away. :~)

At October 18, 2006, Blogger Robin said...


Jen, I'm so glad you found me, too. Thanks for coming back!

E-mom.....NO :(, I did NOT get your email...try again? (Actually, I do think I "lost" some emails and mid-way through the week I changed the e-dress my blog was attached to to accommodate any extra "traffic". Can you resend? (I'll be over tomorrow to your place tomorrow...missing you :) ).

At October 18, 2006, Blogger its_amyia1977 said...

You are totally cracking me up with the grease joint.. Starbucks I can picture but Krystal...who would of thunk it! Cute toes by the way!! I'm not brave enough to put my cracked heels in a picture LOL!!


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