Thursday, September 7
Because e-mom told me to post it;)...and for those of you who are looking...for "something".

Psalm 73 (My God's Enough)
(Barlow Girls feat. Todd Agnew)

Click here and then to the left of the coffee mug for an audio clip.
Waaayy COOL website of theirs!

I've had enough of living life for only me
And reaching just for the things that keep destroying me
So sick of envying the lives of so many I see
Somehow believing that they have what I need

My God's enough for me
This world has nothing I need
In this whole life I've seen
My God's enough, enough for me

I can't explain why I suffer though I live for You
Those who deny You they have it better than I do
Cover my eyes now so that my heart can finally see
That in the end only You mean anything
Who have I in heaven but You
Nothing I desire but You
My heart may fail but not You
You are mine forever

  Into the pensieve on Thursday, September 07, 2006
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At September 07, 2006, Blogger Pamela said...

That is a wonderful website.. loved how they did the teasers

grey - sure has a ring to it this week.

Even this bowl of not homeade tapioca isn't cuttin it!!!

I need to do the chorus one more time

At September 07, 2006, Blogger e-Mom said...

That is a very cool-looking site!!! My husband still has to reload my sound software... it went away the last time my system crashed :-( Thanks for the link!

At September 08, 2006, Blogger willowtree said...

Mmmmm, slick site.


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