Wednesday, November 8
If you had been a fly on the wall during our trip... are some things you would have heard.

Top Most Repeated Phrases:

1) "Are you feelin' the Magic?" (Sometimes asked when there was a "lovefest" going on with a great ride or show, asked other times when one of us was going postal, because siblings/children/parents know when and how to press each others' "buttons" like no other. Sometimes we laugh WITH each other, and sometimes we laugh AT each other. All in love....maybe;) ).

2) "What time is it?" (I have no idea why it mattered.......time was irrelevant to me, but apparently important to my kids).

3) “I’m hungry” (Said within 30 minutes of breakfast, lunch or dinner, which was probably not eaten anyway.)

4) “It was worth the wait” (Test Track, Expedition Everest and Soaring, yes!) or It wasn’t worth the wait” (Peter Pan's Flight). Live and learn :/.

Just Plain Funny

“This gets my vote for scariest ride.” (Thomas on “It’s a Small World After All”)

“Does this thing
N E V E R end?!” (Thomas, 12 minutes into “It’s a Small World After All”)

On the way home, I tried to write a bit (it's why I can "remember" this stuff now). Picture Stephen "singing"...loudly... behind my head. I ask him what he’s singing, this is the following exchange:

Me: "Stephen, are you just making noise?"
Stephen: “I’m singing to the Lord.”
Me (sheepishly, with some conviction): “Y o u a r e ??” (cartoon hearts floating out of my eyes)
Thomas: "Mo-ohm (rolling his eyes at my ignorance)... he’s singing High School Musical."
Everyone laughs as the boys say, “Mom, listen to this…3-2-1” and they break into song in unison... They'd kill me if they knew I was publically posting about them singing HSM (bwwaaahhhaha!)

Wise Beyond Her Years

Spoken incredulously, expression of disbelief: “They go to Disney EVERY year? But then the "magic" would just fade away” (Rachel, when I was telling her about friends who make an annual pilgrimmage to Disney).

More soon, I'm on the run:).

  Into the pensieve on Wednesday, November 08, 2006
  Your thoughts, please (19)

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Pamela said...

Yeah... It's a Small World is kind of like a reoccuring nightmare

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Claudia said...

Oh, no! The song is starting to play in my head!!
I love the picture you posted....very cool!

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Heather said...

Love the first phrase. Are you feelin it?

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Mike Y said...

Ahh... don't tell me that ;) I'm looking forward to a trip there this summer. But, It's a Small World is not one of my favorite places. I use the time to take a light nap :)

At November 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the conversation with about Singing To The Lord and the hearts floating above your eyes. I watch and listen for it to happen in and around my Son. Who knows, he could be signing his heart out but you can't hear him over my DAUGHTER who sings ALL THE FLIPPIN TIME. There is apoint you say, I know your worshiping, but please, God needs you to do it QUIETER!
I wanna go to Disneysomething.

At November 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha, good stuff. I've spent most of my days since the age of four in California so I've spent many a whole day at Disneyland. I still need to check out California Adventure (which is reportedly not as fun but worth visiting at least once) and then someday I'll check out Disney World.

My biggest problem with visiting Disneyland after all these years though is saying goodbye to all the rides and features that have gone or changed dramatically since I was a child. There've been a surprising amount, probably more than I realize.

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Nancy said...

Precious... thanks for sharing your special memories. That is a blessing indeed!

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Karmyn R said...

My husband and I went to Disneyworld on our honeymoon....we rode It's a Small World....the only thing that made it tolerable was we got to ride with a 2 year old little boy and his parents. We hated the ride, but enjoyed watching that little guy's response to it. I think that ride should only be viewed by the 5 and under crowd!!!

At November 08, 2006, Blogger LeftCoastOnlooker said...

I feel like the Phantom of the Opera, trying to compose, but I can't get "It's a small world" out of my head :0

Your kids sound hilarious!
I think one of our "most frequently heards" was "when's the next bathroom?"

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Malissa said...

LOL:) gotta love those fond family memories;)!!

I know what one of our most frequently heards was but I'll keep it to myself--save it for a blog post maybe:)

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Robin said...

Pamela, It's like a train wreck to me...somehow, macabre, yet I'm strangely drawn to it. (Rode it while Tad was in search of coffee, just for kicks, and lawd knows I forgot how l o n g it is!). But we laughed and we laughed...campy and kitchy rolled into one. You gotta go for that, if nothing else.

Claudia, that pic was with the new camera, the flash would NOT work, and this was about the best pic from the ride...

Heather, You bet I was "feelin' the magic" (today, not so magic:/). If I'm not mistaken, I wanted to punch my husband in the teeth a time or two when he said it...!

Mike, be sure to take a pillow for the ride. My 9-year-old is STILL talking daily about the trip. I'm glad about that :).

Vicki, I think your kids are younger, but with time, they just get funnier and funnier :D. I think Stephen was punch drunk when he said that. Wanna come here and go to the Disney STORE with ME? I'll buy you a souvenir.

James, so you're sentimental, eh? That must be why you wrote "Gooseberry Jam" so well. I still have a crush on Lily. Your most recent stuff s c a r e d me (blood & guts, death & destruction, gore & well, more gore). I'm ready for another tea party :).

Nancy, thanks...and welcome!!

Karmyn, Ahhhh, so you're one of "those". We saw many of "you" there. Did you wear the veiled mouseears? Did your hubby wear the mousey top hat? I'm just glad you didn't mistake the ride for the Tunnel of THAT would've made for an interesting ride;).

LCO, You just reminded me, I've GOT to write about the Haunted Mansion. Crud, I'm never gonna write everything I wanna :/. BTW, my kids can make me cry (from laughter...AND from exasperation).

Malissa, OOooooo, sounds like a good "stay tuned".

At November 08, 2006, Blogger Chilihead2 said...

I LOVE the Peter Pan ride. But then, I can definitely see where it wouldn't the highlight. ;) But Soarin' and Test Track? OH YEAH! Haven't gotten to do Everest, but it's on our list for next year! (We're one of those families that likes to make the pilgrimage at least every 12-18 months...and the magic hasn't faded yet.) :D

At November 09, 2006, Blogger Sally said...

Disney's High School Musical will be performed here in Minneapolis at the children's theater. I have tickets for me, my daughter and one of her friends, as a birthday present for her. It's in February. Kids love that show and the CD.

At November 09, 2006, Blogger Kelly Curtis said...

Oh this is a great post! I can completely relate!

The "magic" for us is often lost in the crowds of people and long lines. But your kids' comments are awesome! "Does this thing ever end?" LOL!

BTW - I know what you mean about keeping up with my favorite blogs. I'm drowning a bit too. But your definitely on my list, sweetie;)

At November 09, 2006, Blogger Susan in va said...

IMHO, the best thing about Disney World has to be the fireworks show. I was BLOWN AWAY by this seemingly never-ending spectacle. It was the only time in my trip that I wanted to say "I can't believe I'm actually here!"

At November 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, yes, I suppose I am sentimental. I can only hope that this doesn't mean I'm already getting old :-D

I suppose it is about time for something a bit on the lighter side of the literary scale. I'll have to roam through the stock photograph libraries in search of something that inspires me in that direction. Of course, if you happen to have a suitable picture or run across one, feel free to pass it along :-)

At November 09, 2006, Blogger Claudia said...

Robin, I think this is what we call a "happy accident." I really love the pic, it's whimsical, which really fits with the theme of Peter Pan...are you sure Tink wasn't just messing with you?

At November 09, 2006, Blogger Carol said...

Oh! I love how he got you on the HSM. They totally know the chinks in our armor, don't they!

How 'bout those folks that have season passes to Disney. Where will they ever find anything to thrill them more than that?

At November 11, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm.. having... terribly Disney related flashbacks.

What's with the I'm hungry thing? Do children digest at the speed of light? I just don't get it...



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