Friday, December 1
It's Friday. I want to write something of depth...I promise, several posts of substance have even been begun--most of which I even REMEMBER!...but the durn self-diagnosed A.D.D. is kicking in and I can't seem to go there. Can't seem to finish what I've started, which is a lot like how I clean house. And decorate for Christmas. And wash, fold, and put away laundry. I start something, get easily distracted (kind of like a cat or toddler), then move on to the next thing; not exactly forgetting what I was doing, just not completing the task right away. I mean, really, I'll get to it.................... eventually.

This drives Tad nuts and when he's hovering cracking the whip lighting a fire under my tail around to "encourage" me, I seem not to suffer quite so much from this damnable affliction.

With that in mind, and without further ado, since apparently, I'm queen of "ado", some random musings, in no particular order. (Should that be "adieu"?)

[1] Dannos Dangerous Mind has had some posts I liked over the past week or so. Xmas or Christmas might surprise some people, he has some great food for thought, he repeated a great list by Jim Martin on characteristics of graciousness, and, in keeping with my whole shallow thing I've got going on, my favorite was THIS! If you don't click any other links on this post, don't miss this one! Youtube continues to blow my mind!

[2] Vicki has a fun way to build her readership and it involves PRIZES! Just in time for Christmas, she's having a Mistletoe Giveaway to anyone who reads and comments to her blog (and is willing to send her an address she can mail some to you...tell her I sent you over...we're t i g h t). The kissin' count should go up in your household when your little green bouquet arrives!

[3] Callie, our calico cat, had an absess under her eye. We didn't know what it was, but were "watching it". It showed up Wednesday, and yesterday morning it was big...I figured a vet visit was in store today (yesterday I was gone most of the day). I didn't realize it, but Rachel left her inside (she's an outdoor/indoor kitty). On our way home from school, Rachel mentioned she had noticed "a little stream of blood" near the absess...AND SHE LEFT HER INSIDE??? When we got home, Callie met us at the door. Apparently, she was starving and needed to "relieve" herself. I picked her up first, though, to check out her eye...and the lump was gone. In its place was matted fur and a happier looking cat.

Uh, uh. She had been inside. And, my CSI training told me where she was. Without the aid of blacklights or dim-bulbed flashlights. On Rachel's bed :(. Yuck. Double yuck. Heebie jeebies. Cat blood and pus. Ranks up their with snot & boogers, maybe even higher. Man, I hate those three words!

[4] A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Karmyn, on reaching her goal of writing 50,000 words in one month for National Novel Writing Month. Karmyn has been a loyal reader since I first went public with my blog, and I heart her. From afar. She might be a stalker, but if she is, she's a really cute one. PLUS, I NEVER thanked her publically for helping Stephen with a school project about Oregon. I keep waiting for his poster to come home so I can take a picture of it, but I think it's lost in the shuffle...or still on the wall, I'm not sure. Anyway, he thought it was cool one of my blogger friends helped him, so "Thank you, Karmyn, from both of us!"

[5] One of the questions in comments on my post about absolutely, positively NOTHING was regarding the phrase "In like Flynn"; I used it on a comment at Swampy's place. When I asked (after using the expression) "Who was Flynn", she commented an explanation on my blog. Willowtree was kind enough to correct her (also in comments), and since his explanation was... ahem... sexual in nature, and therefore I was skeptical, I checked it out. If the internet is reliable, and we all know it speaks only truth, looks like they're both RIGHT!

[6] I took a page outta Steve's book on the above-mentioned post. It had racked up quite a few comments, so I over-inflated the count by responding to everyone with their own response rather than a group one. He gets up to triple digits doing that. Me? well, there was a "three" in the number. Brilliant, sorta. Not that I am goverened by whether or not anyone comments (although sometimes I enjoy reading a long thread more than the original post, there, wherever!) Please be cautioned before clicking his link--his site is VERY PROFANE RAUNCHY VILE OFFENSIVE "adult" rated. I'm linking as a courtesy, since he gave me the idea and all. He has quite a following (Steve-O, I'd like it better minus a skillion fewer expletives :/...but I don't think I even hit the radar on your demographic...!) but I appreciate his few comments here remaining kids do read me, after all. If you visit his place, enter at your own risk.

[7] What was I thinking? I can't end on "6"...what's "6"?? Now "7", "7" is special. And this special "7" is sending a shout out and a cyber hug to Mert, blogger of a thousand names. "Why?" you ask. Because she favorited me in Technorati. The one and only person who has. I'm feeling the love Mary/Mert/Boatanna (are they really all you or am I totally confused?). Now, what are YOU waiting on? I added the little button for your convenience (on my right sidebar, under "This and That"). Go, get to it! Leave a comment. Favorite my blog. It's all about me for the next 30 seconds....Aaannnnnnnnnnnnnndddddd, GO!

Ok, this is enough. For now. Til I feel deep and heady. Happy December, y'all!

  Into the pensieve on Friday, December 01, 2006
  Your thoughts, please (15)

At December 01, 2006, Blogger The Roaming Southerner said...

WOW, that is a pretty diverse set of thoughts missy...I am impressed. Right now all I have is "HUNGRY!"

At December 01, 2006, Blogger Steven said...


Now I come with a parantal advisory label!!!

That really made my should't...but it did.

Thanks. ;)


At December 01, 2006, Blogger Mike Y said...

I am notorious for starting posts and not finishing them. It's not that I run out of things to say. I have a hard time stopping. ;)

At December 01, 2006, Blogger Robin said...

TRS, weeee-lll, I just ate lunch, and at this very moment (well, before now and when I'm done typing), I'm continuing to bring down our Christmas decorations from the attic, I was throwing out all the leftovers from T'giving (yeah, they're still there, but not yet Science-experiment stage), I made several calls that "had" to be made, and I'm cleaning out the drawers near our computer (and all the junk around the computer)...which means I accidently check in every now and then to see who's checkin' in on ME! :)

Steve, ok, so yeah, I was a little nervous how you'd take it, but I figured you're a big boy, you can deal;). Glad you took it the way I intended (there are readers OF MINE who would have a heart attack reading you...heck, I almost did and I'm SPICY!) Do you TALK as wretchedly as you WRITE???? Does your POOR wife read your blog???? These are just some questions that come to mind off the top of my head.

At December 01, 2006, Blogger Robin said...

Mike, yeah, that happens to me, too. Apparently not on the Apollo 13 post, though :/ :D.

At December 01, 2006, Blogger dan said...

Thanks for the...

At December 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm home today because of Snow! I just came from outside taking more pictures. I'll post them tomorrow. Beautiful snow drifts.

Thanks for the link to the Mistletoe. I promise not to bring out my stalker personality if you send me your address. =)

I work the same as you do today! I forget I'm this way until I am home all day long. I cook alittle, clean a little, sleep a little, watch TV. NEver finish something before I start something else. It would spin the world off it's axis.

At December 01, 2006, Blogger Karmyn R said...

Thank you for the official congrats. That made my day - AND, you are so very welcome with the project. I had the easy part.

Okay - FREAKY - but I just happened to have mentioned Errol Flynn in my book. How bizarre is that?

At December 01, 2006, Blogger Robin said...

Dan, you're welcome...;)

Vicki--STOP RUBBING IT IN ALREADY!! :) Hmmm, I didn't think of nappin'...what's wrong with me??

Karmyn, I'm hearing Twilight Zone musak in the background! Du-du-du-du, Du-du-du-du....!

At December 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I followed the links, well the ones that interested me anyway. How does a detailed response to the question about Flynn, that you provided, show that both are right?

The title of 1967 B movie "In like Flint" is merely a reference to the expression that has been around since the early 50's.

Perhaps you should read this.

At December 01, 2006, Blogger Southern Girl said...

You saying you couldn't end on #6 made me laugh because I have this thing about not ending a list on an ODD number, so for me, it would be just the opposite...I couldn't end on #7. ;)

I'm not sure what it is I have against odd's just that they're, well, odd.

At December 02, 2006, Blogger Mary said...

#1 I really need to get to Dan's site more!

#2 I will definitely check out.

#3 I hope your kitty feels better soon!

#4 I saw that on her site, I was hoping to find a post about it, but ran out of time today. (I am having a outpatient surgery on Wednesday, and have been cramming in as much blogging as possible in between the normal stuff, and setting things up to make my life easier next week, *pant, gasp* AND get some Christmas stuff out of the way) Congratulations Karmyn! Are you sharing your work with us? I will have to ask her on her blog.

#5 That was a disturbing piece of info, I followed Willow Tree's link from his comment. I wont be watching any Errol Flynn movies, me thinks!

#6 Now you went and did it... I can't resist a good train wreck, so I might have to Give Steve's blog a look see.

#7... Aw garsh ma'am, 'twernt nuthin! I may not comment as much as I should because there are so many good blogs out there (including yours of course), that I often am loading a blog in another tab as I am reading another. BTW, yes they are all me. Boatnana is a name I picked for The Sims 2 forums, Mert is a fairly new name I have been using. It's a childhood nick name actually. When I signed up for Technorati, I became confused as to where I was LOL! and entered boatnana instead of Mert.

I have been doing some rss feed maintenance lately since Technorati is finally properly reading my feed again, so I figured I better subscribe to my favorite blogs! :D

At December 02, 2006, Blogger Claudia said...

Ohmigod! You clean house like I do!! the scattered in 1000 pieces approach. Like you said....I'll get to it.................... eventually.

At December 03, 2006, Blogger Robin said...

WT, Swampy thought the origin was from the movie...for some, it IS their origin...the reference mentions both, although obviously, one is more likely than the other. Although when all is said and done, there isn't a definitive answer (other suggestions for origin mentioned, too). Until I read this stuff and you pointed it out, I had never heard about Flynn's trial, guess it was before my time. I had no idea what his reputation was either :/. Now I do.

Southern Girl, WELCOME to you and your tabby! It was less an even/odd thing and more about my aversion to "six" and affection for "seven". Gosh, we're illogical, aren't we?

Laurel Wreath, I can hardly follow them, so I'm grateful you could;).

Mert, I was hoping you'd see this soon...I'll be back for a visit to your place before your surgery, I saw your girls in bloglines and they're ADORABLE!

Claudia, the important things, anyway ;).

At December 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay - I 'faved' you on technorati. I always forget that I have that option. And guess what - you are #7 on my fav list - isn't that funny...

Regarding pets -- my DH is lately having to run our carpet cleaner more often, because our old, blind dog forgets where the doggy door is :(...

Regarding kissing in our home - hm - much going on without a Mistletoe *grin*..


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